Are You Too Busy for God?

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Life happens. If it isn't one thing it's the next. We all live very busy lives, and if we aren't careful it's possible to lose focus of our most important relationship (God).

How many times have you had a friend on your mind and you're like "I'm going to call them or text them" but something always comes up? You don't speak for months but when you do it seems like you never skipped a beat. Sometimes we do God like that. We get so busy with life that our good intentions never seem to lead to immediate action.

Thankfully, God's love isn't conditioned on us, he loves us even in our failures. This doesn't mean we get to just push him off to the side, but, what it does mean is that we should put all the more effort into ensuring our relationship with him remains strong.

How do we do this? Well, just like any other relationship, communication is key. Talk to Him. It doesn't have to be a long drawn out prayer, as a matter of fact, you can pray to God at anytime. It could be as simple as saying "Lord thank you for this day", or "God please help me", "give me wisdom to make this decision", "grant me patience to deal with this co-worker or endurance to make it through this week".

Every bit counts, and the more often to speak to Him, the more comfortable you become in prayer.

Another way to keep your relationship strong is to study the Bible. God reveals himself through his word. As you learn more about who God is and his character, it will make it easier to recognize those things or situations that do not align with his will. Which leads to the final way way to develop your relationship with God: obedience.

In order to be obedient, it's important for us to first understand what is required of us. Lots of times we do things that we think are right, but in reality, they are just good deeds. Have you ever given a gift that you thought would be absolutely perfect for someone, come to find out what they really wanted was something else and had you taken the time to ask them you could have gotten something pleasing to them?

God wants a relationship with us. He wants to communicate with us, and use our lives to impact those around us. Take some time out today to earnestly seek the Lord. Make him a priority and see how things change in your life.

Your Turn!

What things keep you from spending time with God?

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